Ann Fullerton

Several years ago I found a way to deeply experience and appreciate the gift of living. After getting up once again at the crack of dawn to paint before work I discovered yet another ‘abstract composition’ across a third pair of pajamas. Talk about losing yourself in the moment! Fortunately, a friend gave me a painting smock and I was on my way.

My studio is a haven where I can go and play visually. Through a combination of planning and spontaneity a work emerges and soon has a momentum of it’s own. Many layers and juxtapositions ensue as the elements of the work become defined by each other.

In creating an abstract painting, I seek to express ideas and feelings in fresh ways that resonate with the viewer somewhere beyond or between representational thought. My goal is to offer up something for you to take and make your own unique connection.



As a teenager, Ann took up photography. She remembers the delight of coming across a book of Thomas Merton’s nature photographs entitled “A Hidden Wholeness”. Those images inspired her to look at nature in new ways. On family camping trips, she spent many hours using the camera lens to frame the endless abstract compositions to be found in the natural world. Years later Ann used collage and mixed media painting to create abstract compositions as continued explorations of a ‘hidden wholeness’.

Ann has studied with abstract artists Ann Baldwin and Sharon Geraci. She is a native Oregonian and lives in Portland, Oregon. When not painting, Ann is a professor of Special Education at Portland State University.

Ann donates the proceeds she receives from purchases of her work to the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp for Children & Adults with Disabilities, Inc. ( Her work is in private collections in Oregon and Washington, D. C.


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