Bonnie Garrett

My career of performing and teaching classical music has profoundly influenced my journey into the world of visual art. There are many parallels: both genres are creative and re-creative; both have movement and repose; both involve rhythm, line, color, texture and contrast. Both take me inward and stretch me outward. The particular appeal of abstract painting for me is the discovery, as I move step by step to get paint on surface, that everything is interactive and builds on what precedes it, a metaphor for life. I find myself abandoning judgment about what should be, but instead imagining what could be and, best of all, acknowledging what is at a given moment.



My journey from the rolling hills of central Ohio to the majestic Colorado Rockies to the lush Pacific Northwest has been a progression in not only topography but a continual layering of experiences that reflect the natural beauty of landscape and diversity of humankind. Looking at surroundings and translating these images into abstract renderings, I have found my path to be one of exhilarating exploration, provocative mystery and a deepening spirituality. Having taught at Reed College since the late 1970s, and performed concerts throughout the Northwest, I have found many wonderful occasions to blend art and music. While at Reed, I arranged numerous musical collaborations with exhibits in the Cooley Gallery. The path from music into the world of art has been gently provoked and richly enhanced through the inspiration and imagination of colleagues, master teachers, and nature herself.



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