Collin Murphy

In my former life I was an experimental scientist studying cells and tissues, where precision and measurements were important parameters. Now, experimentation has taken on a different meaning as I explore new applications of paint and painted surfaces. I am transfixed by the infinite possibilities of interactions among diverse media. My images are inspired by nature, music, and by amazing accidents! I welcome the unexpected reactions that occur as paint and color move over, around, into, and between surfaces of differing compositions and textures.



Collin Murphy, Ph.D., is a visual artist living in Portland, Oregon, who creates abstract paintings developed from a variety of media. A retired Research Cell Biologist at the University of California, she has wide-ranging interests in the arts and is a serious piano student. A prolific mixed-media painter, she has exhibited frequently in Oregon and California, held an Artistís Residency at Yosemite National Park, has been in 7 exhibits at the Yosemite Museum and has work in the Museumís permanent collection. More than 100 of her paintings are in private collections in the United States and abroad.

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