J'aime ona Pangaia

What I enjoy about abstract images is that they are best encountered first by the senses, not the intellect. Most of my daily life is already saturated with rational thought and making abstract images engages a whole other part of me. There are feelings and energy dynamics that are communicated sensually rather than through reason. Even when there are images that the mind claims, “I know what that is,” one has the uncanny sense that elements of the known world belong also to non-ordinary realities. Talking about art becomes another creative process: fiction making. My abstraction process is at this point guided by curiosity, instinct, and surrendering a need to personally like everything that happens in or as a result of this creative endeavor. My inner muse is not a pleaser, rather, a revealer. I often start with one or more base internal images from a dream and see what wants to happen next. All my images are produced digitally, so far, exclusively using my iPhone.



Portland Oregon has been home for the past several decades. I now enjoy spending nearly 3 months of the year teaching in Thailand. I am a natural ‘cultural creative,' and have also long experimented with a variety of media (textile arts, oil pastel, collage - even my large perennial garden is a living, creative palette for me). Yet I’m new to wearing the identity of ‘artist.’ My primary occupation is as a writer, therapist and international teacher of consciousness studies. A talented illustrator friend of mine instructed me that art isn’t complete until it is experienced by others; to that end, I am inspired to show my work more broadly.



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