Jan Heigh

I have been an abstract and non-objective artist for many years. I live in the Northwest and have been influenced by the local landscapes as well as the Abstract Expressionist artists. 

My process involves the use of acrylic paints and inks on paper or canvas as well as texture mediums. I like to experiment and painting doesn’t always mean I use a brush. I use a variety of techniques including spattering, glazing, scraping, spraying plus adding and subtracting paint.

Once started the process moves quickly at first and when I stop there is usually a long period for the paint to dry. I then move the painting around the house where I look at it close up and from a distance for a period of time in various lighting conditions before continuing.

An abstract or non-objective painting is a graphic response to my feelings about a place, object, or thought, the intention is that these layered feelings will keep a viewer engaged. When a painting is finished I want it to be authentic to my emotional intention as well as the story that started it all.


Jan Heigh is an abstract mixed media artist living in the Portland metropolitan area. She enjoys working with a vivid palette and a variety of mediums. She has taken classes from a variety of wonderful teachers and is always looking forward to the next classroom experience because there is always something new to learn.

She is inspired by many artists but especially Joan Mitchell, Franz Kline, Helen Frankenthaler and Richard Diebenkorn.

Portland Women in Abstract Media. She is represented by Art On the Boulevard gallery in Vancouver, WA. www.artontheboulevard.org




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