Katherine van Schoonhoven

I've always loved a good story. Whether written in words, described in music, or displayed in painting, stories connect people in a powerful way. Magical. Meaningful. Beautiful. No matter if it's a landscape, a figure, a flower, or something else altogether, I'm telling a story with every painting I make. A story is an invitation to enter another world. Not just any world. My world. I am the story teller and I welcome you to enter.



Many roads lead to art.

School path: undergraduate degree in Literature, graduate degree in Counseling

Career path:   speaker, counselor, minister, professional musician, writer

Life path: it's hard to believe that I became a grandmother in 2011!

I moved my foot onto the art path in 2004, after I quit working as counselor and clinical director of a non-profit mental health agency. Weary from hearing and seeing and feeling pain and sorrow from hurting people, I was looking for something new and beautiful. One art class led to another and the bends in the road lead me deeper on this journey.

With art, I'm delighted to discover that each success brings new challenges, each answer new questions, and each painting the seeds for the next. This path stretches out before me with the promise of possibilities never before considered.



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