Lynne Wintermute

A native Oregonian, I was raised in Portland and have lived in Lake Oswego for 25 years. I have a BFA from Linfield College and did graduate work at the Portland Art Museum School (now PNCA). In recent years I have studied with Marla Bagetta, Lori Latham, and Lana Grow among others.

I have a passion for color and for the beautiful Northwest landscape, I also have been inspired by the volunteer work I have done in Thailand,teaching indigenous tribes children Art and English.

My work is in acrylic although I also paint in pastels. I use many layers (150 to 300)of color and the alcohol dissolve method to bring out layers and luminosity from the depth of each painting.

I am also experimenting with mixed media using old paintings and rubbings mixed with coins and other objects.

I find color to be a very important aspect to each painting, I am always thinking about the contrast in light and dark found in nature, in sunsets and in the sunrise. I love to use metallic paints, gold leaf and iridescent acrylic to accent the colors of nature.

Painting had brought passion and excitement to my world and allowed me to communicate in a way I never thought possible.



Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest landscape, artist Lynne Wintermute, a Portland native, paints abstract acrylic landscapes. The artist is known for her bold and deep use of color. She paints multiple layers of contrasting tone and hue then pulls color from the bottom layers to the top using the alcohol dissolve method with Golden acrylics. Lynne's paintings have 75 to 200 layers of color gently worked to achieve soft edges and a unique style. She also paints in pastel and mixed media where prints and rubbings from travels to Asia are interpreted in layers of rubbing, writings, coins, papers and stamping.

Lynne was educated at Linfield College where she received degrees in Fine Arts and Costume design. Her post graduate work was in London and at the Museum Art School (now Pacific Northwest College of Art).

She has studied with Marla Bagetta, Lori Latham, Robert Talbot and Lana Grow and continues her education at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology and Oregon Society of Artists.

Lynne spent most of her career in retail, owning several large retail stores in Lake Oswego. She is very involved in The Arts Council of Lake Oswego, Clackamas County Arts Alliance and the Rotary Club of Lake Oswego.

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