Marilyn Woods

Recently I have embarked upon a new passion, painting. I love the freedom and vitality of the abstract and find that acrylics are best suited for that spontaneity. The ability to work with color - so different than my ceramics when the color is only realized when the pieces are taken out of the kiln - is so amazing and delicious. The somewhat unpredictable results are endlessly interesting.

As the painting takes shape it reveals new qualities in each interaction. Most often the pieces seem to create themselves -I am just "watching."

I like to use many layers of acrylic to get the depth that I am looking for .I think my background in textural ceramics has prepared me for this painting adventure. Of course, my long-time fascination with gardening and the natural world is also obvious.

I have always been ambidextrous, but I find it amusing that I actually paint using either hand (wasn't so obvious in ceramics). I never see the paintbrush change hands but there it is.



From a very young age, Marilyn has always loved creating. It has been a major part of her and her daily routine. Formerly a computer programmer for medium sized tech companies, now she is working full time as a Potter/Painter. Her pottery spans decades, but more recently, she has fallen in love with painting; mostly acrylic/watermedia. Marilyn loves the expression, approach and limitlessness of working in the abstract genre.

She is mainly self taught in both pottery and painting, with a few workshops thrown in.

Her work can be seen in several galleries, both in the Portland area and the coast. She also has a website:



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